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The Royal Borough Image Bank is a photographic image bank which celebrates exquisite photographs of Windsor, Maidenhead and the surrounding area and reflects the experience and expertise of photographers within the local area.

The Royal Borough Image Bank has been developed by Doug Harding in conjunction with The Royal Borough, Visitor Management & Marketing Team. It will stand alone as a business in its own right but a direct link from The Windsor Tourist Board will be created. As such this will give local, national and global businesses access to the best photographs of the area as well enable millions of tourists to buy into their own piece of the Royal Borough. As a contributing photographer you will have the opportunity to publicise and sell your work to this international audience. 

We are looking for exquisite, unique photographs to join The Royal Borough Image Bank – whether you have one or a hundred, it doesn’t matter as long as they meet the exacting requirements of quality and relevance. So if you are interested in joining let us see your photos.


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Membership to The Royal Borough Image Bank

There are 3 levels of entry:
Level 1
Your photos will appear on the website FREE of charge. We will sell, manage, distribute, print and proof your images for you as well as market and develop The Royal Borough Image Bank.

Level 2
In addition to Level 1 you can choose to have your images uploaded onto Theimagefile stock library collection – this will mean that your images can be accessed from the global image file data base giving your photos greater reach and hence greater opportunity for sales. Theimagefile stock library offers a diverse and stimulating collection of rich royalty-free and rights-managed imagery created by some of the best photographers in the business. Magazine and book publishers, ad agencies and corporations rely on theimagefile to instantly deliver inspirational and relevant pictures. To enter at this level you will be charged a one off fee of £50.

Level 3
If you join at this level, in addition to Levels 1 and 2, we will acknowledge your membership as a named photographer on The Royal Borough Image Bank website and set up a direct link to your own website. This will enable consumers to not only review your photos of Windsor but for them to explore all your other work. To join at this level an annual fee of £100 is charged.


Stock Photography
Stock photography is a collection or archive of images that can be licensed for use. It’s a way for companies or individuals to purchase photographs without having to hire a photographer for a specific shoot. All images loaded into the stock library are immediately available to image purchasers. Images can be viewed by anyone, without the need to log into theimagefile. Images can be sold Licensed or Royalty Free. The image buyer has to pay prior to being able to download the file.
Licensed Photography
Photos which are licensed mean that there are restrictions on usage, such as limitations on size, placement, duration of use and geographic distribution. These will only be offered in print format and a condition of sale will be that the buyer agrees to non commercial use and has no right to copy in anyway be that photocopy or digital scanning. If commercial or multiple use is required the buyer will need to contact us direct so that we can assess suitability and calculate a price. This will be agreed with you prior to a license being issued.
If the image buyer wants to purchase an image in a digital format he/she will need to contact The Royal Borough Image Bank direct and give certain details regarding what they want to use the image for etc. We will then calculate a price, get your agreement before giving the buyer a license of use and access to a download. Once the buyer has agreed to the purchase price, and paid, a license is issued to the image buyer for the non-exclusive usage of that image.
Royalty-Free Photography
Royalty Free images are licensed at set prices based upon the file or print size. The end-use is not specified so the buyer has a lot of flexibility in how they use the images and can use or copy them multiple times. The image buyer can see the price of the image. If they wish to buy the image, they pay the price that you have requested. When they have successfully paid, and royalty-free license is issued, and the buyer is able to use the image for as long as they wish, with few restrictions.
PLEASE NOTE: You remain the copyright owner, the image buyer is unable to sell-on the image.
The Royal Borough Image Bank Terms and Conditions

·          We will sell, manage, distribute, print and proof your images.

In consideration of the sale of your photos The Royal Borough Image Bank will pay you The Photographer 40% of the retail price (excluding postage and packaging). You will be paid within 14 days of receipt of payment from the purchaser. (see attached price plan schedule for more details)You decide what level of membership you would like and whether your images are royalty free or licensed. However if your images are requested for use by The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead you agree that these will be offered on a royalty free basis.
·          This will be strictly controlled by way of a password to select individuals and not open to entire council who are seeking free imagery.

·         For the duration of the agreement and for a period of 6 calendar months following termination of the agreement for any reason whatsoever, the photographer will not without The Royal Borough Image Bank’s prior written agreement offer their images to a similar service provider or competitor.

·         By submitting an image to the Royal Borough Image bank the photographer confirms that the original source image is the sole work of the named photographer. 

·         Either party may terminate the agreement by notice of three months in writing.

·         The Royal Borough Image Bank will not be in anyway responsible for taxes, National Insurance or any other contributions or deductions which may be payable out of or as a result of the receipt of any fees or other monies paid or payable herewith.

·         The Photographer accordingly hereby agrees to indemnify and hold The Royal Borough Image Bank harmless against all costs, claims, expenses, damage or proceedings, howsoever arising out of or in connection therewith.